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Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to provide oversight, guidance and direction to the USBWP and provides a forum in which multiple interests can communicate and collaborate to protect, restore and enhance the habitat for anadromous fish, resident fish, and wildlife in the Upper Salmon Basin.

Meeting Notes



Stokes Stream Bank – 12/2019
Advisory Committee Presentation – Jeff Diluccia, IDFG 12/2018
Advisory Committee Presentation – Chris Gaughan, USBWP 2019
Lemhi River Lower Lemhi River Subreach 4, Watershed Advisory Committee – JF/JD, 2/7/2019
USBWP Upcoming Projects 2019 – 2021 – Todd Blythe, USBWP – 6/6/2019
Beyeler Ranch, Upper Lemhi Habitat Enhancement Project – 6/6/2019
Idaho’s Pesticide and Water Quality Program: Lemhi River Surface Water Quality Monitoring – Curtis Cooper Ph.D., ISDA 2/7/2019
Carmen Creek Riparian Grazing Study and Plan, Monitoring and Grazing Plan – Seth McFarland/Kenneth D. Sanders, Ph.D. – 6/2018
Middle Eighteenmile Creek Habitat Improvement Project – 6/7/2018
Little Sawmill Creek Restoration Project – 3/8/2018
Lower Lemhi River Project Reach – Jeff DiLuccia, IDFG 12/2018

Current Members

Bruce Mulkey, Chairman, Lemhi Landowner (2019 – Present)
Linda Price, Vice-Chairwoman, Bureau of Land Management (2019 – Present)
Harley Wallis, Pahsimeroi Landowner
Kevin Hoffman, Salmon River Landowner
Ken Miner, Lemhi County Commissioner
Mike Kossler, Lemhi Soil and Water Conservation District
Mike Overacker, Non-agency Fish and Wildlife Interest
Paddy Murphy, Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Rosana Rieth, Natural Resources Conservation Service
Sarah Baker, East Fork Landowner
Shannon Williams, Lemhi County Extension Agent
Steve Stringham, Recreation Interest
Tom Ford, United States Forest Service
V. Don Olson, Lemhi Landowner

Vacant positions: Custer County Commission, Shoshone-Bannock Tribes

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