Screening and Habitat Improvement Prioritization for the Upper Salmon Subbasin (SHIPPUS) Tables

Bureau of Reclamation Tributary Habitat Program — Projects

Our Water Resource

Idaho Wildlife Review, July-August, 1960

The Beaver Restoration Guidebook: Working with Beaver to Restore Streams, Wetlands, and Floodplains

Restored habitat improves Idaho Chinook survival

Guidelines for Salmonid Passage at Stream Crossings

Habitat Goals and Priorities

Life on the Range: Ranchers restore fish habitat in the Pahsimeroi Valley with help from multiple agencies

Life on the Range: Upper Salmon Basin Watershed Program

Pocket Guide of Fast Facts about the Colombia River Basin by Northwest Power and Conservation Council

Salmon River Baseline Habitat Inventory 2013

Salmon Subbasin Plan

Stream Care – a guide for property owners in the Upper Salmon Basin


1) USDA NRCS information resources
2) Davis Bacon Wages
3) Latah SWCD 2014
4) Restoring Native Riparian Habitat using Soft Techniques and Hard Working Volunteers_notes
5) Noxious Weeds
6) Green Leafy Matter
7) Duct Tape and Bailing Twine for Rivers
8) MilltownCaseStudy_Salmon_2014_March 1
9) Salmon workshop_riparian ecology (2)
10) Parker_Clayton_USBWP_RevegBankStab_LessonsLearned_030414
11) Gongloff_Clayton_USBWP_YF_PS3SC_Reveg_030414
12) Clayton_USBWP_RevegBankStab_DesignConsids_030414 

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